Tablet and smartphone displaying beauty salon management software interface.


"We equip beauty and wellness businesses with advanced operating solutions that drive growth, support employees, and engage clients. Meevo's SaaS software empowers 100,000s of spa & salon users in over 36 countries — from solo artists to franchises — to build and grow a thriving business."

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Canvas ME

"Our mission at Canvas ME is to create a platform for beauty professionals that provides them with the ability to create beautiful portfolios, to grow, and to network with the beauty industry’s best artists. With a major focus on business education, networking, and emotional intelligence we’re building a space that beauty professionals deserve: a platform that truly represents the industry and provides the tools needed to be smarter, stronger, and more determined than ever to live your best life."

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Marble background with gold veins and the text "CANVAS ME" in black font.
Logo of "Tippy" with a piggy bank and plant design on a marble background.


"Our goal is to financially empower service professionals by providing tools to optimize not just their tips, but when they get them and how they grow them. We’re a technology company that makes lives better through innovative thoughts, disruptive actions, and some plain and simple smarts. Our inclusive solutions encourage both service professionals and their customers to make the most of every interaction."

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